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Our Story

Welcome to Bella & Co!

Bella & Co was created in the heart of a small family living in Florida. Owner Estefania had the vision of bringing more than just clothing and merchandise but being able to help every woman feel beautiful in their own skin. Bella & Co wants to bring a variety of beautiful, handpicked pieces just for you. Our purpose is to make you feel more Beautiful than you already are in your everyday look. We hope that Bella & Co becomes your new favorite online store to shop. We would love to hear from your experience shopping with us & don't forget to tag us on our social media!

What does Bella & Co mean?

More than having a meaning, Bella & Co aims to make it known that Jesus LOVES you and has a spectacular plan for your life. JESUS is not a religion, he is a LIFESTYLE.




Meet our Boss Babe!

Hello, my name is Estefania I want to talk a little about why I started Bella & Co. This has been a dream of mine for a very long time. I always saw myself wanting to start my own business. So I found myself very interested in the boutique business industry. I have shopped in so many different boutiques while living in New York and having so much inspiration in every retail boutique I shopped in. I loved the experience that every boutique brought to me and being able to support a small business was amazing. My vision is to be able to bring that same unique experience to everyone that shops with us. That feeling and experience were what brought me to open my own boutique. I obtained many experiences as being an Image Consultant in the retail industry and customer service. While working for different retail stores, I never forgot that dream of becoming my own boss and being able to open my own store. Thanks to my amazing husband and family I was able to make this dream come true. Today we want to make you part of this dream come true but most importantly make you the most important part of this story. Thank you for supporting Bella & Co in every step on the way!

Bella & Co is always thinking of you, Owner Estefania is a professional style consultant, in love with fashion, who loves to share her knowledge on this subject. And what better way to do it than taking advantage of our communication channels to show you and present you both the collections and the trends that you will see in Bella & Co.